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Open Letter to Mt. Tabor Friends:


With the summer season here, many of us are off traveling.When our pets remain behind and a pet sitter cannot be found, many pets must stay in a boarding kennel. It is very important to review your petís vaccinations before leaving them in a kennel.We are happy to review this information with you.


Many things about the vaccination of pets have changed in recent years.These include:type of vaccine, frequency of vaccine, and even where on the body the vaccine is given.(The latter consideration is especially important in cats due to the emergence of vaccine-associated sarcomas in a small proportion of animals.)Your pet may or may not need to be boosted on a yearly basis.Some people choose to check the level of their petís immunity with vaccine titers (pronounced ďtie′-ters).These tests check for protective levels of antibody from previous vaccinations.Based on that level and your vetís recommendation, one can make a decision whether a vaccination is necessary.Also, vaccine reactions, although infrequent, can occur, and your pet should be monitored for any adverse effects.For these reasons we recommend that you review vaccination history prior to kenneling and have vaccinations administered by a veterinary professional.


Remember, too, that immunity after vaccination takes days to develop and vaccines may place stress on your petís immune system.It is not a good idea to have vaccinations administered at the time your pet enters the kennel.Receiving a vaccine as your pet enters a boarding facility will not protect your pet immediately.This is especially important when considering vaccination for Bordetella, better known as ďkennel cough.ĒWe recommend that vaccinations be given 10 to 14 days prior to boarding.


So please, before your summer trips, make an appointment or call to check on your petís vaccination status.We will gladly review this for you and make suggestions as to what needs to be done.